Mobile Menu Text Alignment Problems

I should start by saying I am not a coder. I don’t hand write code, and editing it in general is something I don’t really like to do. I am an ex Adobe Muse user.

That being said, is there a way to fix this mobile menu on this site:

I just simply would like it to be all centered after clicking the hamburger icon. In all mobile breakpoints.

Right now, at one breakpoint it goes left alignment and another breakpoint it goes right alignment.

I tried adding a subclass “Special Navigation Links”, that didn’t work.
I dug through the forum, and found this old post:
Centering Mobile Menu Text?, that also didn’t work.

So at this point I give up. Editing mobile menu’s in Blocs is very frustrating to say the least (Sigh, I miss you so much Muse). If anyone has any idea what I did wrong or how to fix it that’d be great, thank you so much.

Hi @ndd,

The class you are looking for is

blocsapp-special-menu blocsnav li a

It’s found in the class manager -> Sub Classes -> Special Navigation -> Special Navigation Links

It looks like you have applied your own class to the menu link and that is effecting the menu.


I suggest you delete this and restyle with the above class to tidy it all up.

The Nav class for the non-collapsed menu is navbar-nav li a

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I figured it out after a lot of hair loss. For whatever reason, this project will not accept “blocsapp-special-menu blocsnav li a” at all. So I just got rid of it all together. And then I noticed that everything worked after I got rid of that & “link-style”. Now I can just design using just “navbar-nav li a” for both navigations. Weird, but okay it works. Thank you for your help.

The other class was over ridding it, that’s why.