Mobirise or BLOCS | Which is better for one-page websites?

I’ve been looking for a good website builder to create a simple one-page website and now I’m deciding between Mobirise and BLOCS.
So I need help from you as BLOCS forum members to tell me the up and downsides of this tool. If someone has ever used Mobirise, it would be nice if you’d share your experience.
Thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t really view Blocs and Mobirise as competing products. Mobirise is essentially free with limited editing flexibility, whereas Blocs is paid, but on a whole different level in terms of flexibility.

If you only need to produce a single one page site and happy with the options found in Mobirise you can use that, but if you plan on being more ambitious or producing multiple sites Blocs is a far better choice.

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I’ve tried Mobirise a few times recently, however my experiences were not great. I’d also recommend checking out their forum, you get a general vibe that free comes at the cost of having no support and absolutely zero involvement from the creators of the app.

But like @Flashman put it, I’d recommend trying both apps since both offer free trials and see which meets your needs.

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Mobirise is free, but it does not bring many extensions that blocs if it brings. For example the HTML Widget comes separate and costs that only $70 ,ICONS costs $40 and WOW Slider $40

One of the things that I like about Mobirise, is the parallax, it’s a little more attractive that is Blocs

I used both tools and can say there are some good points in both Mobirise and Blocs.
Mobirise is just super simple to use. You can really create a well-designed one page website with free functionalities. Some extensions are a bit expensive, but Mobirise has huge discounts like Website Builder Kit.
Blocs has more parameters and visual editing options. It’s very intuitive. I would recommend it for bigger projects and websites that require more customization.
So, I agree with @Flashman and @Norm that you need to try both apps depending on what your project is.

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I agree with Flashman, if you need to create a one-page site the best application for you is Mobirise. It has several free templates with all options you need, in my opinion. Actually, you can change the blocks, as you want, it’s possible to use any images from their library or upload yours, change colors, fonts and so on. It doesn’t really matter if you’re using paid or free template.
But of course, If you need to create a site with difficult structure, Mobirise wouldn’t suit you.
In your case, I recommend Mobirise obviously.

I didn’t say that Mobirise was the best application for a one page site, far from it. I guess it’s the best choice if you don’t want to spend any money and happy to accept the limitations of Mobirise.

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I have not used Moirise recently but from checking it out on their site, it looks like one of many online building solutions that tend to look better that they turn out to be. The Mobirise forum in the bugs section shows that all is not rosy. But hey, it’s free, try it out and show us what you create. Usually when apps are free there is a catch, so be wary of that.

Blocs appears to be in a different league and while Blocs could quickly build a single page site as simple as a Mobisie site, Blocs can also build complex sites such as this demo site built by Eldar -

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Been asking for some extra love for parallax in Blocs for years, and I’m still not sure why the request is so hated. I would love just a little bit of movement to those background photos that doesn’t involve editing in my own code. Seems like every other app nails this and continues to make me a bit upset.