Mod question (assume mods have ear of owner)

hi tried to send this to the email address on the download (got sent back)

hi there, have done a lot of research about blocs and others - i think blocs will suit me better.

two questions
a)i am using this to help my church with a website (i am not being paid) and i am learning as i go. would this be classed as needing a business licence??

b)i dabbled in web design many years ago - and i am sure that 5 days would not be suffient to evaluate Blocs (as i will probably only use it once in 5 days) (sandvox didn’t really cut it for me - and i realised this after creating one page) - is there any way of maybe having and using the Blocs program and taking away the ability to upload it to the web??? that way only web pages created can be viewed on the mac that created it :slight_smile:

look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

love the reviews on the web, and the webpage on the blocs site - and how you handled one reviewer that was a massive pain, (kept changing his review)

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Hey @nazar,

Welcome :pray:.

First could I just ask were you found the old support email address? It’s now changed and we use a deadicated help desk which can be found here.

  1. We offer a none profit discount but we require charity details etc, I’m note sure if your use case falls under this.

  2. You can export directly from Blocs to your desktop so just keep the files there if you don’t want external access. Html files can just be doubled clicked to open them locally in a browser.

I hope that helps :+1:

Thankyou :slight_smile:

where i found the email address - when i downloaded the program, the readme file had the email address, it also had “5 day trial” which i noticed is now 7 days…

having a problem inserting html in blocs 2 - i will put another post up as i cant find it anywhere :slight_smile: also change my settings to get email notifications…

program looks good so far, takes a bit getting use to though