Modal Bric Background [SOLVED]

is it possible to do the background a little bit darker when modal open ?
Thanks for the help

Hey @tom2

I’m not on my Mac. But it should be a class like this. {
   background-colour: #myColor;

Probably the only attribute you need to add would be opacity.

Hi @Malachiman
thanks. for your help. This is not a class ? Where I have to put the code?

Hey @tom2,

In the page header put

<style> {
    opacity: 0.9;

If you change the 0.9 to 1 it will be a solid colour.

You can add to the class manager, but unfortunately the class manager won’t change the opacity attribute, it can however change the colour. So to change the opacity you have to place the style in the page header for now.

Hi @Malachiman
I try it before I wrote you again. But I forgot the thing :blush:
Thanks a lot for your help

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