Modal ID disparition : No possible selection

Hi there. Blocs seems a great app, and I’m working on my first website.
I’m French, sorry for the accent, I’m not so good in English :slight_smile:

I have a big issue with modal, linked to my project.

I had some strange reactions with the structure, sometimes the content of a bloc is disappearing, so I had to move back several times to an older version. I have handled it. But now I have a major problem in my project : no possibility to call a modal. I have a modal, with its own bloc, and when I try to use “toggle modal” in another bloc, there is nothing in the “modal ID”. No selection is possible. When I try a new project, it’s ok, but on my project, not.
If I purge the project data, and delete everything, the problem is still there in my project…very strange, the project seems “corrupted” in an invisible way.

A solution could be to save all the blocs to put them in a new project, but I will loose the classes, and I haven’t seen the option to copy-paste or import/export classes between projects.

Any clues or workarounds ?

Merci d’avance !

Can you see the modal you’ve created in the tree structure on the left side of your screen? It should look like this

Click on the image to see the whole picture

If you don’t see it, it would explain why it doesn’t show as an option in the toggle modal dropdown. Please check this first before we examine what the problem could be.

Hi @hendon52
thanks for your answer,
yes, I see the modal in the structure. Same thing with a fresh new basic modal. As I had issues with other blocs, I’m a bit paranoid now about spontaneous disparition :smiley: Are they common for you too ?

Can you attach your project file so I can take a look

Sure ! I’ve put a dropbox link, the project is too big for an attachement (22Mo)

Where on the page is the trigger for the modal

I was trying to make it on the first Imgs

ok, wait for a while - I’ll be back in a moment

Ok, thanks !

The problem is your modal is in the top global area. This will not work. You have to put your modal somewhere in the body (dynamic area of the page). You can then target the model from a link anywhere on the page. As a habit. I always place modal blocs as the last ones on the page, but not in the footer global area. This keeps them all in one place and makes them available from links anywhere on the same page.

Le problème est que votre modal est dans la zone globale la plus élevée. Cela ne fonctionnera pas. Vous devez mettre votre modal quelque part dans le corps (zone dynamique de la page). Vous pouvez ensuite cibler le modèle à partir d’un lien n’importe où sur la page. Comme une habitude. Je place toujours les blocs modaux comme les derniers sur la page, mais pas dans la zone globale du pied de page. Cela les garde tous au même endroit et les rend disponibles à partir de liens n’importe où sur la même page.

Excuse my French!!!

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I was not aware of that. Merci pour la traduction, but the English version is clearer for me :stuck_out_tongue:

When you understand the difference between global and dynamic areas, it all makes perfect sense. The global areas appear on every page. Links to modals only look at the current dynamic area - not the global areas. You can, of course, put a link to a modal in the global area, but the modal itself will have to appear on every page for it to work on other pages. Anyway, Happy you solved the issue.

True, that makes sense indeed.

Thanks for your speed and availability :zap: