Modal problem

Hi All

I’m building a one page website in 4 languages (4-one pages). This site has a footer with a disclaimer.
I’m using a modal bric for this disclaimer so I get a pop-up when clicked. The problem is that I need on every page a different disclaimer and I can’t get it to work. Should I remove the disclaimer from the footer?

Thanks for the help!

yes, you need to have a separate modal in the dynamic area of each page instead of the footer. The footer allows global access to modals…

One option might be to turn off the footer on your four pages and move the footer content to the last Bloc (a bloc with just the footer content) for each page and then copy this bloc to each page and change the disclaimer modal (you might have to change the modal number on each page) to what you want for each page. The only down side is then you have to maintain 4 duplicate blocs.

Maybe someone else can come up with a better method…

In addition to not using the global area for the footer, because the footer’s are different for each page because of the unique Modals, he could also create/complete the ‘footer’ bloc, as a dynamic bloc, and then save it to his bloc library, and then insert it for each page in the dynamic area as you explained.

Then if edits are needed for the ‘in common’ stuff for each ‘footer’ bloc, he can edit it once, then re-save it in the bloc library, delete the old version, and then delate the outdated ‘footer’ bloc on each page, and insert the new updated ‘footer’ bloc per page in the dynamic area.

I think it would be okay to actually include the Modal in the saved-to-bloc- library ‘footer’ because the modal ID’s are per page and not per site…but I not 100% positive about that.