Model Transparency

Anyone now how to prevent a modal from appearing semi-translucent. Creating a standard modal without any styling generates a modal that shows the background of the page through the modal. Are there any hidden classes somewhere that may be causing this to happen. All I want is for the Modal as a whole, to have a solid colour background with a contrasting text colour. Any pointers would be appreciated.

This may provide you with the answer

A general Google search brought up various answers.

Thanks @Flashman. But, I think I discovered the problem. For some inexplicable reason, when I select the Modal, I see a custom class had been applied to it named card-style. I have no idea how it was created or where it came from. However, deleting the style cured the problem. I can now select each element of the modal and apply background and text colours as required and everything displays correctly. Many thanks for taking the time out to look into this - much appreciated.