Just a quick thought.
I may add a monitor to my 15” MacBook Pro.
Any advice or reviews.
Probably aiming about 30” size for Blocs, AutoCad and Afinity.

What’s your budget?

No idea. I was just thinking on a long walk. I may look around later, but sometimes several people say the same thing.

I ended up going lower resolution to get a more colour accurate display when I bought my 24" Dell monitor. I was rather restricted by budget at the time. It works really well for me.

What MacBook Pro do you have?

I had another look and decided maybe that’s a better size at 21-21".
It’s a 2013 i7 16gb DDR3, so its a USB or lightning connection for me.
Still runs like a.dream though.
The monitors seem fairly low cost at the moment.

I have an odd question, does anyone use a MAC display for their PC?
If so, are there any7 issues?
How is the clarity?

What did you end up getting @apswoodwork?

I went for a basic AOC 22B22.
It has good reviews seeing as I only need it for AutoCad to place the menus and pallets on. Also for live previews, layouts, and to keep an other apps.
I’ll let you know how it works out when it gets here. :crossed_fingers:

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So I went for a budget monitor to see how practical it would be to work across 2 screens.
It turns out to be a good setup, even plugging everything in to work on the patio in the warm.
The monitor is nothing special though. Not as sharp as a Retina display, not as bright and none too punchy.
Even using it for AutoCad pallets, web browser and large pdf viewing it’s nothing to write home about.
But I love the setup, it’s ascent is spot on, plug the hdmi in and out adjusts seamlessly, and it was less than £100 (£80 when I get the tax back)!
If I use it a lot and often, I will go for a better one though as you sit so close torches things.

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