More choice than favicons

We can make changes to include options for Apple Touch Icons in the header metadata, but it would be nice if the current choice was enlarged to include Apple touch icons, pinned tab and perhaps web clip icons. There is more out there now than just favicons nowadays, but Blocs doesn’t recognise them.


I agree! :+1::+1::+1:

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These are the options in RW8.

EDIT: There is a website that produces files that contain all the options.

At present though we cannot remove the favicon file inside Blocs. You either have the Blocs favicon or your own, but no other option. If we want to do something more advanced it would be good if we could remove the Blocs generated favicon entirely to avoid conflicts.

I don’t know if helps but I use this software:
iConvert Icons -

Thanks, I’ll take a look. I have Icon Slate, which is similar I believe but that web link I posted is pretty great and it supplies the correct code for the header as well. At the moment this will actually create a conflict, unless you edit that code, since there is no way to turn off the favicon generator in Blocs. @Norm we either need a bunch of extra options or the ability to disable it and rely on third party options.

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+1 from me