More robust procedures with hosted assets

I decided to work with my images as hosted(because I can retain the structure of folders for my images), and I wouldn’t get over the first step of bulk importing to asset-manager without help of @Flashman !
But after experiencing a slow internet connecting, all my images on one page got question-marks!
I quitted Blocs, and now not only one, there seemed to be four pages with a lot of question marks!
And they don’t recover!

When I click on one of the images, there is information in the sidebar(in this little postage-stamp like
preview, yes this is far to small).
But I have to go to the asset-manager, and in the exact group, to see the connection(it seemed to remember), but I have to click it manually, to recover!

That is really annoying, and takes some effort, and most of the time, this tiny preview in the side panel doesn’t help either, and I assigned my pictures the information topicoriginal-file-namecreation-date, which is then cut in this tiny info-text.
So I would like to have a bigger info-preview, a text, which isn’t truncated(and I would like to be able to copy this text, for caption), and

most importantly:
a more robust connection to hosted assets, which regenerates without labour intensive manual operation!

Overall, its a nice experience with Blocs, but this should(in my eyes) be refined! @Norm
Thanks, Michael

An update to this.
Had to refresh many of the images every time opening the project.
And every time, there seemed to be missing a lot of images.
But this time, I decided to let asset-manager go through all images. With “Project Assets” selected, I watched it, refreshing the preview images until the end(takes app. 6 minutes for me).
This helped a lot! only 2 images seemed to be missing!

So, let asset-manager go through “Project Assets” seemed to help!