More than 1 item with z-index

Hi, I’m ok with setting a single item with a z-index, but how would you go about it if you needed 2 items to have z-index?
This is the code I’m using at the moment for the singe item:

.bloc-nav-margin-bottom { z-index: 999; }

TIA. Trev

Create a custom class just for the z-index and add the class anywhere you need it applied.

.zztop {
z-index: 999;
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DOH! Of course, how stupid.

Once again, thanks very much.

Can someone explain, why you would want two Z-Indexes

In my case I wanted 2 things to overlap the carousel slightly (which always wants to be on top no matter what I tried) a logo hanging down from the header bar, and, as you can’t put lettering over the carousel very easily, a bit of text shoved on top of it using some odd margin settings.

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