Mov video files for blocs

Hi all. I need to add a lot of videos to a website. They are all mov files from an iPhone.

Any suggestions how to handle this so I can use the in blocs and compress them to a small file?

Honestly, I’d go the route of adding them to YouTube or Vimeo. This way you’ll be able to benefit from the CDN both services offer.

Having your own hosting account serve the video’s might put a lot of strain on the server (resulting in a very slow loading page). It makes it a lot easier to serve visitors that are located thousands of miles away (geographically) from the data center of your hosting provider too, since Distance = Increased Loading Time when no CDN is involved.

That is an option but it are video with Children of employees and not really allowed to put them on YouTube

I’m pretty sure you could open the MOV file in iMovie and then click on the share button in the top right of iMovie and chose the export file option.It should save as MP4

Best video converter and free! is Handbrake - it’s even used by professionals in TV studios believe it or not!

This is an industry standard and simple to use.


Yes, Handbrake is the best.

I’ve uploaded videos in the past to Vimeo with privacy options so that only I can see them. I let Vimeo transcode the video, then download a copy before deleting it from Vimeo. There is a restriction on the amount of space you can use on a free account but it’s an effective solution where you know Vimeo will have found the right combination of quality, compatibility and file size.

Thanks all. Will check these options

If you use handbrake, the best option is to use the Web Presets. These are shown below:

In most cases the Vimeo YouTube 720p30 option will produce reasonable quality at an acceptable file size. All of these presets will optimise the video for the Web and make them streamable. Before starting the conversion, I recommend switching to the video tab in Handbrake and select the Fast Decode option. This will help prevent stuttering on devices with limited memory.

Screenshot 2020-11-21 at 14.26.07


Thanks a lot! This will help