Moving a Bloc/Bric design from one site to another?

Hi all,

This might have been covered and I have had a quick play, and can’t seem to find the quickest way of below:

Basically I want to bring just 1 x Bloc with several brics in it, and bring this into another project. As blocs can only have 1 open at a time…im finding it hard how to basically kind of cut and past it into project to project !!!..hope that makes sense!

When I worked in Rapdiweaver I could have both open and drag things i designed from one into another.

I know it can be done!!! and i dont want to mess too much and find out ive done it wrong!

Save your block as a custom Bloc. Right-click on the bloc and then choose Add Bloc to Library. You’ll be able to specify which category it gets saved to and a name for your bloc. Once you’ve done that it will be available on all your projects from the bloc library.

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Brilliant !..thank you.