Moving brics into DIVS

I’ve been having a really hard time getting brics (such as paragraphs) into divs. Especially nested divs. Basically, if I have a box within a box, I can’t drag a paragraph into the inner box, especially if there’s already something in there (an image or paragraph). Is there some sort of div management tool I’m missing? I was delighted when I found the ability to move brics around with command-option-up/down, but is there a way to move things INTO divs that way?

Are you talking about dragging items into a doc bric? You should be able to just drag them into an empty div.

Yes, with an empty DIV it’s no problem. But If I drag an image into the empty div, then try to put a paragraph under the image in the same div, it’s tricky to get it to stay there. And if there are two paragraphs, and I try to put a third in between them, it’s even harder. Occasionally the blue insertion bar will pop up between them, but it always takes a while and is very fiddly. I’m just wondering if there’s another way to get multiple elements into DIVS (or wrap multiple elements) other than dragging the elements in with the mouse. Thanks!

I can also reproduce this problem, when I place an image and then 2 Paragraph brics in a div. If I then want to add something between these 2 paragraphs, it is hard to get the blue line to appear between the two paragraph brics. But I have no problem adding it at the bottom of the div and moving it then up with the arrow keys. But this is not very productive. (Tested with Blocs v2.5 build5)

@webplus @jgurang
I also have problems with this.
Sometimes it drives me nuts to place items.
Very fiddly and sometimes it’s just impossible.

Ok sounds like a bug, it’s on my list for the next build.


I’ve made some improvements to this for the next beta build. Divs double nested and dragging in items works fine. Give the next beta a try and let me know.


Another good tip is to use the keyboard shortcuts. Command/Option and the arrow keys to move items up/down and left/right once the item is placed. It also great tip if you just copy a item and then use the arrow keys to move it around the bloc.

Give it a try.

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