Moving my Fonts to Another Blocs App

@Norm, I bought a new macbook and installed the Blocs, my question is how do I transfer my Google Fonts saved on my Blocs to the new one? Need help!!!

Ohhhh that’s a good question. I’m not sure, but there are a bunch of things we can try.

Go to Application Support/Blocs 2/data/

Now copy the file named fonts.dat and place it on your new machine in the same location.

I’ve never done this so it may not work.

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On the new installed Blocs there’s no folder Blocs 2??? hehe

Yeah, you need to run Blocs on there first, it will be created by Blocs when its run for the first time.

I tried to run it and still not showing :frowning:

The Blocs 2 directory isn’t showing? Are you sure you are looking in the correct place?

Make sure you go to the correct location, it may be hidden on your mac, go to main OS finder menu (across top) then the Go menu item and hold down the option key, you will see a menu item called Library appear.

Yes, I’m positive. Blocs 2 Folder is not showing on the Library Folder :frowning:

Does Blocs run? when you start it up on this Mac?

Hey @mackyangeles,

Are you sure you are looking at the right Library folder? Do not mistaken it for the System Library folder located in the root folder of your drive.

The folder you need should be located in
SSD -> Users -> Yourusername -> Library

If you don’t have the Library folder in your home folder, right click anywhere in your home folder and enable the library folder (as shown on pic)

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WAH!!! HAHAHA got it :slight_smile: You’re a life saver my friend hehe Thank you @Eldar and @Norm got my Google Fonts on my New Mac :slight_smile:



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Thanks, I bit the bullet and got a new MacBook Pro. Your instructions worked great. Lots of good information at your fingertips, just a little search…