Moving new clients emails over - advice please!

Hi all,

The one thing I have come up all the time when building websites is setting up my clients emails so they carry on the same as what they have had.

Now not all, but some of my clients transfer their websites to my hosting now as they do not to mess around with hosting themselves etc. Now the big thing they all ask for is a smooth transfer of emails, I get propagation which is standard, but all seems so long winded to do, I guess there is no quick way!

Now some businesses have a lot of email accounts - say 10 or even 20, what advice can you all offer to make this a smooth process.

I also have been doing some of my clients emails set up in google workspace so keeping their professional email and they pay this monthly which is pretty cheap. I would like to do this to all my clients.

Thanks all.

I don’t think there is an easy fix for this issue, unless your hosting companies can migrate the emails for you - in fact it will need the two hosts getting involved if they are different. As you say, the email addresses will simply follow the domain through DNS propagation so it would be wise to set up the catch-all email address on the new server as soon as the domain is linked to the new hosting. This will ensure that any emails that arrive for specific addresses prior to creating the new accounts will be delivered to someone. There isn’t much that can be done about the lead time for propagation except by having your clients send a notice to all of their contacts advising them that emails will be temporarily down on a specific date - the date you intend switching over.

Find a web host that offers an email migration tool.

my first question when a customer moves to us is always POP3 or IMAP accounts ?
POP3 is quite simple, with a little advance it goes smoothly, with IMAP it can already be enormous amounts of data and it gets tricky quite quickly. If the customer is somewhat larger, it is best to separate WWW and mail via DNS.