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After months of watching from the sidelines while Blocs develops I’ve decided to get more stuck in with the hope of switching to Blocs full time when version 3 appears.

It’s probably really obvious, but I’m wondering how on earth I can move the order of pages if I want to rearrange them. Let’s say I create pages Home, Contact, Services and About in that order, but decide they should appear in the menu as Home, About, Services and Contact. There must be an easy way to change that order.

When I enter navigator mode I see the preview images of the different pages and I want to move them, but nothing happens. I’ve tried moving them in the menu manager, but again nothing changes on the actual page. It just seems like such as basic task that should be far easier to manage.

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It should work in the Menu Manager. Make sure you have the source set to Primary Menu and just drag the about up to just under the Home.

Then drag services up before contacts.

That’s what I imagined, but it’s not working for me. This is Blocs 2.4.2.

Is the Menu (on the page) set to primary?


Not sure, It works for me. Perhaps someone else with more experience could chime in. The only thing I could suggest from another post I read, is to set the Source to none and then set it back to the primary.

Go figure, that did the trick setting it first to none and then back to primary as the data source. To me that sounds like a bug. Instinctively, I’d like to just move the pages as desired in the navigator mode.

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Yeah, glad you got it to work. I haven’t had this happen, just read another post. @Norm might want to put this in the bug list, if he can recreate it.

I would think the reason page order is set in the Menu Manager, is it allows you a lot more flexibility. You can setup different menus other than just the primary menu.

I saw that other thread as well with a similar issue. This was a brand new draft project created in 2.4.1 I think and intended purely for testing as I experiment with Blocs.

It’s fine moving the page order in the menu manager. I just figured that being able to do this in navigator mode would be more intuitive and Mac like. Simply swap the order of pages and then have it reflected in the menus. You could even use this to create sub menus by dragging one page directly underneath another one. That’s more or less how it works in Rapidweaver, so I’m used to it that way.

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Yeah Menu manager is getting an overhaul It’s still not perfect and needs more work. As for rearranging in the navigator, that’s coming too but it won’t effect menu item order, that would be confusing as not everyone lists all pages in a project in the nav.

So both are on my radar :sunglasses:


This is still a bug in 2020, at least on MacOs Sierra…