.mp4 is not displayed

I tried to import an .mp4 video to the page. It was visible in the preview, but when I published to the server, only the soundtrack was visible, nothing else. Have I missed a setting? Or is the only option to order Any Video?

It should work. All of the videos on this page were done that way:
I’d check your encoding settings to start with.

If you can provide details it could help. A link is always good too.

Any page errors showing in the browser inspector? Is this across all browsers? Do you see a black box where the video should be?

It can also be an encoding issue like mentioned above. But details can help.

Videos work great on your page. Have you used “Any Video” brics?

Any Video plays videos in a popup modal.

Question. Seems like you are using 2 accounts?

I have used Any Video and it works fine, but for this particular page, it’s the drag-and-drop method.

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