Multi Row Navigation with one column spanning two rows

I’m trying to create a navigation block in the top global area that looks something like the attached example. The logo column spans the two rows, whilst each row has a different number of columns. Is this something that can be done in Blocs? If so, can anyone guide me on how to do it.

And it’s not only just that. When you click on “Recipes” it displays very complex menu with multiple rows and columns:

It’s almost like clicking Recipes triggers a Modal. I too would like to see how this is achieved in Blocs 3.x. Have you done anything like this, @Eldar?

Obviously, it’s a very tricky menu, which will require a lot of attention to details, especially when it comes to mobile optimization, but this is what I was able to create a in couple of minutes.

I have used the image logo, which overlaps the second bloc I have for grey area. Building the menu exactly like in this might not be easy, but something similar can be create quite fast.



How’d you do that little trick? I really hate the way Blocs dropdown are 1 row wide…

That’s because you are The Blocs Master. :smile: