Multi step form?

Hey, everyone!

Iā€™m fairly new to js (and php is even scarier for me atm :sweat_smile:), so i wanted to ask some guidance from the experienced web developers. How would one go about creating websites like this using blocs + custom code?

Simple landing page + button to take a quiz and answer a few questions. Answers to these questions (and choices) then will be send (like form) to an email and you know the rest :wink:

Can you, please, point me in a right direction? How can i implement something like that? What should i learn? What should i focus on? Can it be done with blocs + plus a few extra lines of code?

Would really appreciate your advice!

I wonder if it can be done by storing input fields (or choices) in a database and then connect those to a blocs php form :thinking:

In the div blocks, you can put the fields from the form and click the submit form button

I made a frame for a multi-step form, which can only be passed forward? u=plaxa