Multilanguage image names

Hi everybody, I am working on a multilingual website. It will be in Italian, english and japanese.
Is there any general rule for image names? Which is the best practice for Seo?
I was thinking of italian as main language. so the mysite . com/index is gonna be the main and then /en/index and /jp/index. Sould I translate every filename and put an image folder in the en and jp folder? Or should I keep the filenames in let’s say english (in this case maybe setting english as main language might be a better idea) and have only one image folder in the main directory?
I found this
Thank you!

I’ve never created a multi-lingual site, but I would think it would make sense to have file names and alt tags in the relevant languages on each page for SEO purposes. The only minor downside is that this would make the site a little slower loading than otherwise if you were jumping from say the Italian to Japanese pages, because they would no longer be stored in the cache.

In practical terms, any speed penalty would be very rare, since most visitors will stick to a single language, so yes it creates more work for you splitting it up like this but possibly better for longterm results. Google is saying it is easier for them if you stick with a single filename, but not necessarily better for you.

As a general rule it’s much better naming a file with something relevant than just calling it 1.jpg. If you want to stick with a single language file name you could still alter the alt tags on each page with the relevant languages. This may be the best compromise.

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Thank you for helping me with that.