Multilangual pages

In Blocs you can made several menus and you can choose these menu sources. My site consist only of two pages, and both have his own language (A and B). On the first page I use language A and on the second page I use the language B. Now the menus must also be the same language as the pages are. Is there any way how I can change the menu text to language B menu when we are on page 2? The header must be sticky! I could use a normal bloc instead of header, but it is not the same; normal bloc can’t be sticky like the header can be.

If you do not place anything in the global header, this should be no problem.

Just perfect - web plus you are right! Normal bloc on the the dynamic content area can also be as “sticky”. I couldn’t even think of this possibility. It really works! Thanks! With this way to do multilingual site is very easy. The artificial “header” will a little bit “shake” on preview the site, but that is not that serious.