Multiple Choice Test with Select Editor / Form

Hi everyone,

I would like to include a very simple, straightforward multiple choice test in my project, e.g.:

Who is the developer of Blocs?

  • Nolan
  • Norm
  • Norah

and to get a success / failure notice or a navigation to a page or a toggle visibility as the result of the entry.

This could work with checkboxes, a drop down button, a text field where you enter the correct answer, anything.

Is this possible with Blocs? I now work with different answer buttons that link to wrong / right pages, but it’s a bit clumsy.

Thanks a lot!


I’ve found a rather elegant solution with toggle visibility, applied to bricks (found out by trial and error you could do that). The »right answer« brick is a button with a link to the next test page, this works very well. All set!