Music on home page

Hi all. Anyone knows if it is possible to autom start music when the home page is loaded online?

Chrome disables auto play on page load. Same for video unless it’s muted.

Not to mention it’s not an ideal user experience.

Thanks Pete. I want to make a website for only a few weeks. We have Sinterklaas in The Netherlands, a kind of Santa Claus. As we are from today again in a lockdown so the children’s party is not allowed so my wife wants to created a website so the children can see an online message to each children from this Sinterklaas. Children would like if the website start with music of some songs. That’s why I want to try this

Last 24 hours 7,500 Corona infected Dutch people

The autoplay @Malachiman refers is something when the page loads automatically starts the music, but if you have like a landing page with a card or a presentation and then have a click to open the online message, that can have the music.

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