My 1st website with Blocs (for a specialist lawyer in family law)

Hi forum!

So, this is it - my first website built with Blocs:

I aimed to come up with something different, not the standard legal website.

Most of the photos were shot by me,
the two portraits of the lawyer were done by a photographer
and some are pictures taken of pixabay and then photoshopped to fit.

I tried to keep the size of the pictures to a minimum but compressing them even further was bringing down the quality to much. Well, the target audience is in and around a state capital, so almost all visitors will be on broadband or fast mobile connections anyway.

Two things remain to be done,

  1. Add the certificate for the https connection
  2. Some minor changes for Google Analytics (which I will do in the Tag Manager though)

I am curious to read what you think of it. Any feedback is more than welcome!

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Very effective - nice design. The circle device is very effective. Nice choice of colours.

Most of the section headings have no capitals, but on the right some do, some don’t. I think it should be consistently one way or another.

On the right you have one section with a bulleted list and another that seems to have a list but in green text in place of bullets. Perhaps they could use the same technique?

I think you can have a more effective bullet using a green circle for the bullet - you can achieve this using a green circle image for the list element background (see the technique here: ).

Your client should be very pleased.

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Thank you for your detailed feedback!

At first I went, ‘???’.
And then, ‘Oh, I see!’

Sure, it must look funny to an English eye. It does, doesn’t it?
While the German language uses capitals for every noun (and then some), there is no special rule for the use of capitals in headings. It’s just German.

The lists… the first one, the one with the bullets, is obviously a list (of selling points, you might say),

A good Lawyer is…
• a good listener, who understands your problem
• …

The second one - sure it is presented in kind of a list format but think of it more as a grouping of thematic blocks or subheadings with links to the relevant paragraphs on the family law detail page.
I wanted it to be different. Maybe it is not different enough?

The list element… I wasn’t aware you could do that! I like that creative use of the Blocs functionality! No, strike that, I love it!!!
You live and learn. I immediately started playing around with it.

I see, obviously, I need to assign a class and add spaces to aline the text.
Do I need to have a different list element for mobile view (because I should use less spaces for the mobile version may be?)?

You can probably save yourself adding spaces for the bullets by using left-padding. Don’t forget to remove the original bullets from the styling.

Where you have the two sections “Die Anwältin” and “Die Mediatorin” the contrast between the text and background is low, so it’s quite hard to read.

Good job!

Left padding. Of course!
Sorry, it’s been a long day today, 5:30 a.m to 9:00 p.m. is enough!
Valid point with the contrast. Will take a look at it tomorrow.

Just added the SSL certificate and it was the first time it all went through without a single error message. In the past, with RapidWeaver I always had a couple of minor issues. With Blocs, no problem!

Just heightened the contrast in the sections you mentioned. Looks a lot better!
I will leave the bullets of the first list in grey but will use your suggestion in a next project.