My Blocs went missing on the Tree panel


Creare a new project, add a footer blocs and also show empty tree layer.


i think is use mouse to drag and drop the elements inside the footer blocs corrupt it and make it somewhat disappear.

Perhaps the dragging should be disallow?


I have the same issue and it happens very often.
If I click on element in different bloc the element is highlighted also in three. But in missing bloc there is no highlighting in the three if I click on a element.


Restarting the app worked for me


It worked for me also, but after upgrade to 3.0.3 version it doesn’t :-(. I have restarted the app many times and I also to try open project on different mac and the bloc is still missing.


I have this problem too. My Bloc is missing and the only way to get it back is to go back to a backup copy and lose loads of work


Send me the project via a forum DM the tree is still learning some layouts and occasionally doesn’t understand the layout. I can fix this.


Hi @Norm

Just a quick note to say that I believe this happens when duplicating Blocs. I know it has already been reported and I think you have already corrected this but do not remember if its in a beta or already in production.



I also had this same issue!!

after starting a new project the tree works again, but if you reopen the old project the will remain gone. Think it saves within the project somehow


I also had this problem using Blocs 3.1.1. I submitted a bug report.


I also had this problem on Blocs 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. Recovered from a backup to resolve… Not sure what caused this???


Norm is aware of the problem and looking at it. I’m thinking maybe adding features/elements in a certain sequence or manipulating layer tree in a certain way could cause this. Maybe a fix in 3.2? Until then, probably best to keep an eye on layer tree while building up or modifying your web pages and if you notice a layer tree problem, then do “Undo(s)” until tree is back to normal. Then carefully re-add whatever elements need to be added while watching layer tree. You might need to try re-adding or manipulating elements in a different way to bypass problem. That’s what I did to get past problems I encountered. Like you did, maintaining backups is also a good way to recover if encounter a problem. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Fix is coming. It’ll probably land early next week with 3.2 beta build 2 :+1:


Duplicating pages definitely causes the issue too. Be great to have a fix for this


Norm will the fix not only prevent it from occurring but also recover the missing blocs in the navigation tree of a broken Blocs Project?

Thanks for all you work…


As of now I am also having this problem. 2 Blocs completely disappeared from the Layer Navigator. It’s frustrating to use a great software thats still in it’s baby shoes.


you tried the beta for 3.2 on this?


No why, should I? this is a production site

here’s a screencast:

I have given up, and am getting to the point where I can’t trust Blocs … sorry. I need to stay productive, and it’s just not happening right now …

If you want I’ll be glad to mail you the .blocs file


The beta contains lots of fixes for things like this, but we test them for a number fo weeks before they go live. The beta is open to all Blocs users.

Take a look at the fixes, there are a few for the layer tree.

• Fixed various issues that caused missing sections in layer tree.


Hi Norm, I would be glad to try the Beta but I was put off by this text: “don’t use this version for mission critical projects.” How stable is the Beta?