My Blocs went missing on the Tree panel

This is still an issue with 3.2.4. The image submitted earlier is the same with this new release. FYI I did not install any beta release of 3.2

That tree will make Norm crazy.

I feel for you, it’s insanely annoying working on something for a long time and boom. :weary:
In a fresh project in 3.2.4 does it still happen?
The exact steps that made it disappear for me before 3.2.4 does not make it disappear now (for me).
Can you pinpoint the steps when it happens for you?


This my second site the first one 10 years ago for my previous business. So there won’t be another or new site.

I cannot pinpoint when this started. While I started with blocs 2 this is a fresh blocs 3 site and as I mentioned I have never used a beta release.

It doesn’t seem to cause any problems other then making it difficult to select components w/o the tree.

If it doesn’t drive Norm crazy he will have created the worlds smartest tree and become a Bootstrap 4 legend in his time and probably go into the Bootstrap hall of fame.

Could you please send me the project file I’ll get it patch up for the next release.

Is there any way around this yet; it’s doing my nut in!!
Using 3.2.4 on a love it, love it, grrrrr, love it basis at the moment.
Sorry to say this,

I use Blocs 3.2.4 and have this problem with Cards.

Try Blocs 3.3 it has a bunch of fixes for the tree, its currently in beta.

Unfortunately it does not work under 3.3

I’ve got the same problem in 3.3. :-/

I have had this problem a couple of days ago as well in 3.3 with an accordian bric. To fix I had to create new Bloc and redo the accordian brick in the new bloc.

I had the same problem, caused by duplicating the page, that’s when the accordion broke down. The solution was the same as @eagle

I have the same issue here, it’s driving me nuts. I’ve a 50+ page site with a common footer and duplicate links at the base;

The bloc disappeared and the site is getting way too difficult to update with these numerous bugs.

I would consider using a CMS if your site is that size personally.

I was using Perch with Freeway and was broadly happy but there was intermittent titting around with upgrading PHP and then Softpress went pop, that said I hear there is Phoenixed version coming soon, if Blocs can’t resolve their bugs then it might be easier to switch to something more familiar even if the news version has some bugs.

It’s also worth mentioning that I enjoyed the process of creating the site in blocs, I don’t enjoy UI roulette.

Hey @jimbo_graphic it would bee super helpful if you could file a bug report and also send a copy of your project file (or a dropbox link to download it). I checked my tickets this morning and don’t see any actual reports from you regarding this issue, unless I missed it?

It’s a pain when you encounter a bug, the quickest way to get it fixed is to just file a ticket direct to me, I don’t monitor the forum very much for bugs and they are easily pushed to the bottom and missed.

Thank’s Norm, raising the report now.

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Agreed. Using a CMS doesn’t mean you can’t design in blocs.

Same thing here – footers disappeared from the layer tree throughout the project.
Filed a bug report yesterday and attached the link to the project file.

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I have it, I’ll be in touch ASAP with the details and a fix :+1:

Thanks! Do you mean you’ll fix the file itself? Then grab the latest version as it has changed quite a bit today.