My Design Portfolio Site

Hi guys, I’m new here and I want to introduce myself with my portfolio site made with Blocs.
I’m using Blocs since v1.4 and for me as a designer who can’t code this is the best software out there!

Here is the link -

All the comments are welcomed!

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Nice work! :slight_smile:

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It looks great.
Personally i’d change the blue in links, buttons and footer to a dark dark grey, almost black (something like #252525) to get the over all color scheme to harmonize better.



I thought “Wow!” when I opened the link. Fantastic first impression.

I agree with Jakerlund about the blue.

The parallax effect with the elements having a transparent background, I find pretty irritating. The transparent background behind the panels is changing as I scroll and not always so predictably, so I think it’s a needlessly distracting effect ( and I can see it’s a bit of a trademark of yours ).

At first I thought you were ripping-off clipart, but I can see looking more closely that you are a talented guy and really produce some cool images and designs.

I looks nice! My only comment it the distacting background as you scroll. I’d get ride of it, not needed.


Hi guys,

Thank you for the feedback!
Maybe you are right about the paralax text as a background and I will remove them but I like this sharp blue color as an accent slight_smile:

@pauland I really want to show all my works at this portfolio but a lot of the are with NDA signed and I can’t.

I will update the portfolio soon.


My point that I first thought you were ripping off artwork is actually a compliment - your portfolio is great. Sometimes I come across things and wonder did this guy do this? and with a bit more investigation I saw that you did.

You have a strong portfolio.