My first site with Blocs

The site of a sculptor in Italy with his picture gallery.
For him I did some photos, video, site.

your feedback is important to me

Thanks to Norm, Eldar, and some other friends


Well done :slight_smile:

It’s a great start!

I’d prefer it if you didn’t do some things…

Sometimes you have text that goes across the complete width of the browser. On a desktop that width of text is harder to read. It’s the reason we have columns in newspapers, so I would suggest using margins to make the width narrower on the desktop, or even better have columns or other ways to get narrower text on the desktop.

On the text for “Prof. Aldo Maria Pero” you have hard returns in the text and that makes for very strange looking text - get rid of the hard returns so the browser can lay out that text properly. This may be the case elsewhere too.

In several places you are using right-justified text. I think it just makes that text harder to read and it looks untidy. I think right-justified text can work, but only with very limited, select use.

There’s a lot of black and dark greys, etc. for the background. I don’t like that much.

I’d like to see more space and delineation on the pages. Use margins so that text and pictures doesn’t go right to an edge, or sit like a tower. Pictures can make great backgrounds going to the edge, but text that does that makes the space look cramped.

It would nice to see some compartments or sections to make pages easier to look at. The page with “Prof. Aldo Maria Pero” is all white with elements on it. If you made the bloc with “Prof. Giancarlo Renzi” a very light grey, then you’ll see how much better that page looks ( and possibly do the same with the “Andrea da Montefeltro and his art” bloc).

These are just some suggestions - I’m not the website police and you should be very pleased with what you have produced.


Thank you very much for your suggestions that you will surely use to optimize your site.
Feedback is fundamental.
Thanks again
thanks also to KBConcepts