My FIRST website with BLOCS

Well it was even easier than advertised. Got the website up very quickly and without too much trouble (especially because most of the problems I had were already addressed here in the forums.)

Got to say guys, good product you’ve got here.

Any suggestions, please drop me a line!


That’s an excellent first effort. Have you done some web design previously?

I did notice some alignment issues that could be fixed fairly easily. The line in bold where it says “Sign Up and Get Alerts!” appears a bit lower than the other elements. Also the border circle around the credit card icon is not perfectly round like the other ones.

On the live page there is an odd bit of text at the top saying “Custom HTML here”.

Something slightly odd is that I see spinning ball on my Mac Pro at times on the page and for a few seconds it’s impossible to scroll.

The “custom html here” wouldn’t go away. I deleted the whole element and will reupload. Thanks for pointing that out.
Thanks for pointing out the mistakes, as even though I’ve looked at it 100 times, it’s the little things that my eyes just overlook I guess.

Not a professional web site maker, and I think that what makes this app so great. Is even a bone head like me can make it look good! :grin:

Don’t beat yourself up about small errors. That’s why it’s good to have feedback and I’m impressed that you managed to make custom adjustments like the countdown timer. I’m wondering though why you used that contact form, rather than the one provided by Blocs.

Earlier today I was giving a makeover to a website I started on about 3 years ago and decided to give it a refresh with some new colours for a slightly crisper look. I couldn’t believe it when I spotted a styling error on some images that must have been there for the last 2 years, since I moved away from an all white look. Had the site been done with Blocs I think I would have picked it up immediately because the interface is so much cleaner.

Not sure if this is just on my iPad Pro, byput the 3D model fails to load and safari reports an error then reloads the page and repeats.

Great first site.

Two things intrigue me.

The 3D view. How was that done? I can say I’m not a fan, but I’m really curious about the technology used. I assume it’s not a generic model, but an actual scan of the auction item.

The link to your auctions - goes elsewhere to a flash-driven web page. I used to be a Flash developer and in the past I made many Flash-based websites, but now using flash is really a no-no.

@pauland it looks like the 3D model is coming through a website called

My daughter is a 3D animator, though as she likes to remind me, she is actually an entrepreneur and technical art director in the games industry nowadays… The design in movement looks very much like the sort of thing you might see in Maya when they do the rigging and modelling. A free alternative would be Blender, so I imagine some sort of engine has been developed that can read the format and translate that into a web viewer application.

The actual files in Maya are very small and it’s only when you go to render them for video that everything crawls to a snails pace. They don’t need to do that for games and it shouldn’t be needed here either.

OK, looking again, I see the attribution top left.

I think it’s highly inappropriate to show a 3D model rather than the real thing. Show what’s on offer, not a representation of the goods.

You can fabricate 360 degree views using a turntable.