My first work with Blocs (front page)

Hello people.

I’m not a web designer, but I’m learning with Blocs to get my own web.

Here you have my first work with Blocs. (
Thanks @Norm for creating this great application.

It is a “front page” that I have built with the initial knowledge learned in the @Eldar videos and everything I have learned with your help in this Forum.

It will be active until you design and build a complete multi-page web.
Currently this front-page has a link to an old design website (INMOBILIARIA button) and it will be replaced by a new one that I am developing with Blocs.

Thanks everyone for your help.

Any observation will be well received.

Best regards.


Great job! Well done.
Just one thing, look to your navigation,

Thank you very much @eriks

What do you mean when you say: “look to your navigation” ?

Excuse my English, but a translator.

Best regards

I just put a printscreen :sunglasses:

You can tell me what browser you use: Safari, Explorer, Mozilla, … ???

Yo lo he probado con Safari, Mozilla y Chrome….

and in all three it looks correct

On Firefox

Mi Firefox…

Mi versión de Firefox es

Can you tell me what your version is??

I think this is going to be a matter of @norm helping us. Maybe he can give us an explanation.

Thanks @eriks for your help.

you’re welcome :smirk:

Good job! Animations works perfect! Easy and simple design! I love it!

The only bug (QUESTION FOR DEVELOPER) at all projects is in safari on mac look at the picture bellow:


Safari Version 11.0.1 (11604.

Thank you very much @Edward, for your words of praise

In my Safari it is displayed correctly. View the picture bellow.
Could it be because of the version of Safari?

If you scroll with the Magic Mouse to the right you will see that gap. Most of my projects have the same issue on safari