My hope were raised - Business Bloc Pack 1

Having been trying for ages to create just this, which would be PERFECT for my needs, I was hoping that the Business Bloc Pack 1 would look like it does on the storefront.

But it turns out it’s not a lovely block of nine round-cornered cards with shadows, but eight separate XL blocs.

So, I’m asking a big favour, and I know it - does anybody know how to recreate the storefront illustration as actual blocs - nine wide on a desktop, two wide on an iPad, and one wide on an iPhone?

(Don’t need the SVGs, an ornery photo would do the job nice.)


That’s just a presentation shot of the blocs included.

So no lovely rounded corners possible using Blocs, apart from images and buttons? :tired_face:

Border radius via a custom class will give you rounded corners to anything.

Been playing that (for the first time) on a nav bar, trying to get it lozenge-shaped, but nothing changed…

Hay Ian,
The radius of 100 is quiet a lot :slight_smile:.)
Start with 5%, also try Style “Solid” and Width 1 pixel otherwise you might not see a result.

That was after 10, 25 and 50 did nothing!!! Meant to add I don’t want a line.

You will see nothing until you set the “Style” to solid or another value

Tried that, makes no difference to the SHAPE, just the line.

Don’t want a line, just the shape.

(Not in grey, that’s just so I can see that’s going on. Or in this case, not!)

try using a different class name Im not sure Bootstrap has that one used already.

What you are doing is defiantly possible in Blocs.

Everything you need to learn how to do this is in this file.

rounded-nav.bloc (724.3 KB)

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Yep, thanks @norm, changing the name of the class from ‘rounded’ did the trick.

As you say, .rounded already exists…

I’ve learned something today!

i can concur :slight_smile: once you get used to the new possibilities that you can achieve with the new settings its quite easy to create the cards that you are trying to achieve from the images above. its just a learning curve.

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