My new business website - built with Blocs

Take a look at my updated business website I built with Blocs:

I still haven’t figured out how to create a dropdown menu for my different portfolio galleries?

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.



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One day I’ll get around to updating my own photography site and I know it’s tricky getting them to look good with a responsive layout.

I agree it needs dropdown menus. Try clicking on your menu items and look in the side panel. Under appearance you’ll see an option for Style and if you click on the toggled menu, there is an option for drop down menus.

I’d be inclined to turn the phone number into a live link Click on a Phone Number to Call?

On a general note I think the site would benefit from a bit more contrast. The grey text and headers on a white background feels a little bit flat. I understand you don’t want to distract from the images, but it might be worth experimenting a little but.

Flashman, thanks for taking the time to look at my website and all the suggestions, its my first version using Blocs.
I wanted to get the layout right, get some feedback and then experiment with the peoples suggestions on style, etc. Thanks also for the tips on the phone number, I’ll will include that for sure in the next update.

I certainly don’t intend any criticism of your first efforts. I am pretty new with Blocs myself and sometimes fall back on Rapidweaver that I know rather better. There are definitely some more experienced Blocs users doing great things though.

As a general observation, don’t be afraid to make more use of space, so the layout can breath. Art directors love space and it will help to maintain a less cluttered look.

I am terrible with these things, in the sense that my websites are never finished, because I seem to be endlessly tinkering and making tweaks. It’s overkill to the extent that it’s not necessarily reflected in business profits. No doubt you’ll be able to produce a good looking site and get back to your real work.

EDIT: I would have that top bit of text starting “Leeds photographer, Simon Vine” aligned to the left.

I like the site.

Use a higher-resolution image for your logo. It looks a little blurry on my screen. Don’t use a jpg for your logo - use PNG.


Thanks Flashman for the suggestions, I’ll have a play with more space and the alignment of the text :slight_smile:

thanks pauland for the tip on the logo

In the not too distant future you should be able to use an svg file, which is even better. I believe this is being included with Blocs 2.4.

Hi simon1,
thanks for sharing your site.
I am planning to set-up a travel photography web site with lots of galleries. I have found this a little bit confusing so far that it does not seem to be possible to manage the image files in different directories in the asset manager. Instead all images go under the roof of the project assets. Is there an easy solution to manage hundreds of images in subdirectories?

Hi Bernd, I have all the photographs sorted into different folders and each photo named with its pixel size e.g. industrial-photo-1500x1000.jpg , then I imported them into the Asset Manger. It does become confusing if you have different size variations of the same photo, however the file name helps identify which size of the photo it is. Hope that helps.