My new site

I hope you like this new project, also I hope your comments. I’m from Mexico so the site is totally in Spanish.


Looks good, love the animated cartoon characters, but some of the images aren’t showing

I like it, good work!

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Excellent work. Did you create the animated gifs?

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Really nice, original site brought alive by the colours and animations. Good job.

Room for improvement?

I don’t like the full-screen menu much. I prefer them to be instantly accessible, so the hamburger popping up a full page on the desktop is not my favourite thing.

The labels on the button is too low for me - prefer them to be vertical centre.

The contact page has low contrast. I think it’s not so easy on the eye with the colour choices. I like the blue background but the other colours need a better contrast.

Despite my comments the site should do well for you and nice to see such originality.

that part has the purpose of showing the logos of the clients but since we are an agency that is starting, I am afraid that these spaces must be filled, little by little. thanks for comment

Hi IsmaeL
where did you find these wonderful animated gifs?

no, my partner who is the designer was the creator of the gifs