My Personal page is Ready

Hi everyone,

I’ve just completed my personal page. I’ve tried to make it clean and used blue (my favorite color) as the main color.

Thank you @Ben for the awesome profile photo modification :slight_smile:

So here it is:


The logo is missing.

Fixed , thanx

You’re welcome.

You have a typing error “I’m father and full stack developer located in Kosice, Slovakia.”

That should be: I’m a father and full-time stack developer located in Kosice, Slovakia.

I assumed you meant full-time. Did you mean something else?

@Flashman thank you, my English is far from perfect :wink: , btw: fixed :slight_smile:

I think a “full stack” developer indicates use of technology - the full technology stack from front-end to backend, while “full-time” means you work all week. I think the correct usage was “full stack” not “full-time” stack developer (which makes no sense) or “full-time” developer which says you work all week, but not what you work on.

Ckissi you had that part right all along!

I’m still not seeing that logo. Just checked it on my smartphone.

@Flashman, thank you, there is a bug in Blocs, sometimes it doesn’t export the image at the top, I was unable to replicate the error now Don’t know why it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t :frowning: .

@pauland, @Flashman , when I say full stack developer I mean that I’m doing everything from server install, DB configuration, project itself and the marketing.

Perhaps “full service” stack developer would be a better term. It’s not an area I am familiar with, but agencies providing a range of services like web design, hosting, Seo and the rest often call themselves full service providers.

The term “full stack developer” is recognised and well understood in the industry.

The term “full service” as used by agencies, is something altogether different. Agencies use this term to indicate they offer all services from design through to implementation.

“full service” is not usable to describe what Clissi does.

Very impressive site, really like the the main image makes the initial view pop and the view look further.

@MartinC Thank you. The image was provided by @Ben. Many thanks to him!

How did you create the main picture looks amazing ?



The image was provided by @Ben. He has made it for me.