My Portfolio is up and running

Hey everyone. I have finaly finished my blocs portfolio and it is up and running without any issues for two days now.
Thank you all so much for the helpfull and fast responses during the building process. :smiley:

You can find the website here:

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

@Norm Thank you for such a wonderful tool. It has benn a real pleasure to work with it :slight_smile:

Looks good.

In the mobile view, I would perhaps change the doubling.
See the first screenshot

And in the second one,
I find these background images are somewhat disjointed and too dark in the mobile view.

Greetings from Cologne / Germany

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@vandieck Yeah your right. I just cant Figuren out why its doing that. It works perfectly fine in the desktop view but on mobile it seems to have issues. Probably I will have to find a workaround for mobile.

That was my way:
Just for mobile view, make everything new.
Use Classes, and hide the rest.