My web site whit blocs

Recently released the site of my restaurant,
I also have 2 showcases for wedding and
Thank you Blocsapp’s server DNS address could not be found.

I don’t like the use of black with a wedding site at all - seems very inappropriate.

The restaurant domain is really confusing. It looks like a restaurant that isn’t a restaurant but just does weddings. Confusing.

I agree with @pauland about black on a wedding site.

Just my personal notes:

  1. Everything is animated or moves… it’s very confusing. I stopped count moving objects after 20 on the start page alone. It’s video, parallax and animation everywhere. (less I more) :fearful:

  2. The colours on the pricing section is to screamy, doesn’t feel classy. I’d use one color, probably just a dark grey 80% of black.

Other than that, good job :+1: