My website fades to white when scrolled to top

My website is this:

When you scroll to the absolute top, the entire website slightly becomes more white or transparent. It’s not super noticeable but it’s annoying to me, anyone know a fix?

Sorry but I don’t see that here on my iPad.

I see, for me its visible both on my phone and my laptop

I don’t see it either on my iMac…

Rich the Weather Guy

You have opacity set on scroll. Check your Scroll FX settings.


Thanks! That was it. The transparency was not very noticeable, but it was still there. The error was Scroll FX had Fade In checked. Fixed it now.

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Nice website. Only saw it on mobile as our working, but looks tidy.

My wife’s cousin is a game developer for a small indie company - I have seen the work their team put into things and it’s mind blowing!

Good luck with it.