My website looks differently when I upload it on server

Hi there.

First of all, congratulations to everyone who are actually able to publish their websites out of Blocs!
This app is really starting to get on my nerves. @Norm
I am having really bad experience with Blocs.
I already once got my file corrupted out of nowhere and I had to remake few things. Ok that kind of things happen sometimes. But the app itself is full of glitches. Overall it should be called Beta.

Ok so before this topic I posted other one where all my gifs didn’t work. There wasn’t any help. So I made it differently and I even reassured by making a new simple test site if all that works and uploaded on server and everything worked. So I continued to make changes to my real website. Everything looks just as it needs to when I preview it in browsers.

Looks OK on my browser. If you have a slow internet connection the images may take a while to load perhaps, but no issues that I can see. Similar to your local screenshots.

Maybe you tried looking at the site without refreshing your cache or before it loaded completely?

Blocs isn’t perfect, for sure (what is?), but I and many others here have used it to produce many sites over a period of years and I’m happy to continue using it.

I don’t see any blocsapp-specific issues.

To be clear - if a blocsapp exported site works locally on your computer, there’s no reason why it won’t work when hosted on a remote server. I do all my testing (besides form handling, etc) locally.

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Thanks for your response!

Did you try Chrome and Firefox?
I did refresh cache on all browsers that I check.

Well, your images have an average size of 1.5MB each!!! No wonder it takes ages to load…

You should definitely compress them to 100-200kb each beforehand.

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Wow, “martasnams_049.jpg” is even 2,4MB… :disappointed_relieved:

Yes, no problem.

I suspect you have a slow internet connection for those huge images.

Ok, (then I should fix that even though when I export them for web they look really crappy…seriously crappy) but then what about everything else? The buttons, menu that aren’t related to images…

Try ImageOptim or JPEGMini Pro.

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Thanks for advice.

So what’s the problem with this?

836K vs 2.3MB

I know you didn’t ask about this, but I’d consider whether it’s best to have one website for three completely different businesses. I’d think hard whether this is a good idea.

I talked about it with website owners and they still wanted it like this. It is not in my power. Basically it was their idea and they wanted me to realise it.

I’m glad you tried. The problem with a site like this is that as someone looking for a place to stay, I could care less about the other two businesses, and the same would apply to anyone interested in biohumus.

If I want to stay in the guesthouse, am I staying next to a biohumus factory? So I would ask the business owners to imagine they are the customer not the business owner. If I want to buy biohumus, if this is a good business why are they also operating a guesthouse?

The picture of the premises. On the right is a picture that looks like the guesthouse, but to my eyes it looks stark and has no obvious entrance. In comparison with the interior pictures it looks utilitarian and unwelcoming.

On the left of the picture it looks semi-industrial, so now I’m wondering if I’m staying in a factory. How noisy will it be? will that car park be full of vans when I arrive? Is this in an industrial park? When I stay at the guesthouse why does it not tell me about what I can do in the area? How welcoming are my hosts? etc.

This gives you an idea of why I think representing three businesses in one website is a big mistake.

Good luck and I hope you optimise those images!

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It looks like it was my fault…now when I optimised the images the site is working properly in all browsers. The only thing is that in Chrome favicon stays as Blocs favicon. I searched in forum, that many people has this issue and after a while it changes to normal so I’m leaving as it is.


Bizarely I can’t see the big background images on Chrome, but fine on firefox… :thinking:

Maybe an internal cache thingy?

That is why I told that Blocs is glitchy because it shouldn’t be that way. Why would it show on Firefox but not on Chrome? By the way…strange is that I can see everything on Safari, Chrome and Firefox. :sweat::fearful:

I clear cache all the time since someone suggested it in forum but the problem still occurs. Do you see the green leafy favicon on Chrome?

I have many happy clients all running websites built with blocsapp, some a few years old now.

Which release are you using? If it’s a beta release you can anticipate some issues before the official release.

PROBLEM SOLVED - browser refresh now makes the site load fine.

I have the newest version. Updated recently.

I have checked it aswell and it looks fine. Website is really clean and easy to navigate. If you have problem with images optimization I always check website with pingdoom tool or with google page speed insight so I can get information about possible speed issues.

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