My Wishlist for 2018


Ah… But I am NOT using the Blocs app for actual work yet. I am merely a Freeway-using lurker who has beta tested Blocs. When those 2 key features appear, I shall make the switch to Blocs. Until then, I am content with Freeway. Thanks.


I took the trouble to download the free version of freeway and made a small table. The table styling options in freeway are limited. I then did a browser preview and looked at the markup. It should be possible to copy and paste the HTML into a HTML bric - all the CSS is inline and dimensions are fixed.

So it’s a perfectly viable way of creating tables in blocsapp. I’d just use a web page though, far more flexible than the freeway table generator. or


In addition to the tables option, which @pauland has already suggested, would this option below not work for the custom Google search?


My wish in Blocs for 2018 would be…
that for beginners there is a clear and editable view,
a mean window for all the 3 devices,
without any deeper knowledge.
WYSIWYG, in every view, so to speak.

I mean this so:
If I change something in one of the 3 views (windows),
it has no effect on the other 3 views in Blocs (desktop, tablet or mobile).

which 08/15 user knows, or wants to know,
why this image or font formatting,
looks different in the tablet or smartphone.

And I confess,
I also need my time again,
if I haven’t used the software for a long time,
until I find my mental error in the 3 views.

Just a wish…
no idea what this means technically.

With regards

Of course, there are these views in Blocs.
But not so easy to understand.
And changes, in picture and writing, have effects,
you don’t know how the interaction works.
Especially “Classes” are used.

Or I’m just too stupid. :no_mouth:


And forums in their language.
If the program translation is that difficult.


It’s not difficult it’s just time consuming, as the app was not built to be multi language when first released. It’s an on going thing.


you’re the superstar here,
and I feel the most sorry for you.

Thank you for your answer!
I just wanted to write as a layman using your program.
And… I don’t know any easier program in this regard.

Thanks for your answer.
Respectful greetings

They are simply expressed wishes,
I don’t know how that works technically.

I’ve been looking for a program for a long time,
which I understand half a year after putting my site online.
In the meantime I have recommended Blocs to many colleagues…
but I’m also forgetting the things that are important to make a site for all the devices.

Therefore my reprint after translation,
or at least after a forum for native speakers who don’t understand English so well.

I have nothing to do with websites.
But I’m old enough to understand the principle.
My generation invented it.
And my job demands it.

That is why I want simplification.
That’s why Apple, therefore again and again:
as simple as possible for everyone.
Windows 3.11 at the university it was not.



Yes, of course there are third-party means of creating tables outside Blocs, but the purpose of my feature request (which is not mine alone, as per mackyangeles who requested it too) is to get such a tool built into Blocs. And while Freeway’s table creation tool may not be ideal, it is built into the app and therefore one need not go hunting around on the internet for another solution, build the table outside Freeway, and then try to get it back into Freeway, which is just silly.

Here’s a page from the Japanese version of one of my Freeway websites:

It’s not responsive because building responsive websites in Freeway is hell, which is of course why I have been looking at Blocs for well over a year now. But if you scroll down on that page you will come across just one of the tables I’ve been talking about. It’s a big table with a lot of rows and columns. I created that in Freeway rather easily with Freeway’s table tool. I am happy I didn’t have to create that outside Freeway, as it would have been hell to get it back into Freeway.

So if I were to move to Blocs, I obviously would need to rebuild this website in Blocs, and the intent would be to make it Responsive, which it is not now. But for my website be fully responsive would mean that the tables in the website would also need to be responsive, and that implies they would need to be able to collapse and expand, especially when viewed on a small screen device like an iPhone. To be able to achieve that in an elegant way is something that I would like to see happen within Blocs. In other words, Blocs could offer us a built-in table tool so we need not go outside the Blocs app to build a table, and the table could be made collapsable/expandable, so the tabular data could be viewed and manipulated in a tiny screen.

No doubt this is what mackyangeles was also thinking when he added his own feature request for tables in Blocs.

Lastly, please don’t misconstrue my love for Blocs or for you good people who also love Blocs, or for it’s amazing developer, Norm. I have high praise for all of you. I simply don’t use Blocs yet for real work, but I think it has a lot of potential. For those of you who do use it and love it and don’t care about responsive tables or a drop-dead-easy means of implementing site-wide search, that’s great. I’m not criticizing you at all. I am just saying that adding a few more features to Blocs would broaden it’s appeal and thereby bring in more users to the Blocs fold. And while there are always ways online to generate tables and code and then add them back to Blocs, those solutions are not as elegant as something built into Blocs. And truly, that is partly what held Freeway back for a long time, since there is a lot you cannot do without having to resort to adding HTML Markup code hacks in a Freeway website to achieve what I consider basic things.

Blocs, like Freeway was back in 1999, is made for people who don’t see the world as code. People who love code have Pinegrow and similar apps to fiddle with. But Blocs opens the door to the creative designer whose brain is built differently. Those people aren’t afraid of dealing with a tiny bit of code or going outside one’s primary app to achieve something great, but they really do wish they could accomplish the vast majority of work inside the primary app. Imagine editing photos in Photoshop and then being told you need to add code to Photoshop to tweak your photo in the way you want! Ha! Some may say the web is different, but it doesn’t have to be, if we have a powerful web design app. Blocs is powerful and it can be made more powerful. It will take a lot of work and time, but I am patient, watching in the background, until the day I see Blocs satisfies me and then I will pounce on it and never look back.


I have no agenda in persuading you to use any design app and we all make choices based on what seems best at the time. I understand your points and we all want new features of various kinds, but given the free workarounds that already exist, it seems counterproductive not moving on from an old website that doesn’t work well on mobile devices. After all, it’s 2018, not 2008.

Turning this around slightly, one of the reasons I ditched Freeway a few years ago was because I felt Softpress were relying too much on third party services to implement new features and I hated the way that formatting would break so easily the moment 3rd party coding was introduced. Softpress were failing to innovate, whereas Blocs is moving ahead at great speed.

Personally, I’m building responsive sites for myself and occasionally for clients. A nice looking 10 page site with a few bells and whistles would probably take me a week with Rapidweaver and I wouldn’t even attempt it with Freeway. Using Blocs I could have it done by lunchtime if it didn’t involve writing thousands of words.

Thinking longterm, my focus is on what will come in version 3, but now is the right time to become more familiar with Blocs and hit the ground running when version 3 ships, so I can dump Rapidweaver entirely. I actually deleted Freeway 6 from my computer a couple years ago.


I too delete Freeway 6 a few years ago…

…after I finished upgrading to Freeway 7. :slight_smile:

Regardless of it being 2018 right now, the fact remains a lot of the internet is still non-Responsive. I want to move to a responsive site at some point, but here in Japan more than half of our web visitors still use desktop computers or notebook computers to access, and another sizable chunk use tablets, on which our non-Responsive sites still work decently enough.

But as I said before, when Blocs adds the functionality to satisfy my own personal minimum requirements, I shall snap it up and never look back. Until then, I am happy to beta test and contribute as positively as I can as the already excellent app gets even better.


I’m surprised to hear that Japan is so behind other countries for mobile usage. Looking at my own web stats it’s much higher and research seems to back that up

For a commercial website aimed at selling online I cannot imagine running a website that isn’t mobile friendly these days, but it’s your choice. Here are some further stats

EDIT: Getting back on topic I’m sure Blocs will bring us some terrific features in 2018.


A wish list is wish list!

Appreciating @JDW taking over and describing neeeds so deeply!
Nice people here and very helpful statemants @Jakerlund and @Eldar.

Tables are indeed needed, as well as finally acordeons…
But it´s still @Norm an app of Norm and VERY young.

We all fiddle around to achive personal results - with great hints out of the forum.

So, there is no need to tell what one needs or not @pauland
Every site is so much different in details and needs - that only beeing considered, we have trillions of WISHES in todays web work.

Use Blocs, combined with Pinegrow, even Blocappstudio offers great opportunities - without coding.
But, Blocs is the most easy for non Coders - by far!
GREAT future if the scottisch can manage the Brexit - kidding :rofl: - Germans have no sense of humor.

Blocs has a very low learning curve + offering a very gentle and helpfull community.

So I only underline @Flashman ´s wisch of Table and accordion.
Bootstrap 4 + Blocs 3 should make that happen easy as a brick for non coders like me (bloody blunt German).

Ok, Ready for shitsorm @pauland, @vandieck (huch, die Deutschen nun wieder)

@Norm, take your time for what is YOUR idea.

Happy work


I agree and I haven’t done that. What some people regard as essential, others do not.


Addressing your last (but not least!) “More Card Styles” bulletpoint - check out Bootstrap card fluent design styles.

Yeah I know it is more than half through 2018 already, but maybe that’s still relevant for you. Cheers.


Cards are built into Bootstrap 4. They are one of the big features of B4 IMHO. Very easy to use and easy to create slick Card layouts.


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