Mystery margin

After updating from “V4” to “V5”, it looks like this, neither “spacing” nor “custom class” is set, where is this pad-like margin set?

It is the default padding as part of Bootstrap. An H4 element like you have there has a default 1.5rem margin-bottom.

If you use the spacing options in the right panel, choosing 0 for margin bottom will remove it. (technically it is over-ridding the Bootstrap default.)

X removes any styling being added, so it defaults back to the Bootstrap style.

This is normal behaviour of CSS. It is not a Blocs bug as you like to call everything.

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Is there a way to reset this margin all at once? There are 80 of them, and in the case of such a list of text, should each item be listed individually, or should the whole be one list? , or “don’t use in lists”, etc.

Add a class with the tag you want to change to the class manager and set the bottom margin

Eg h4

That will change all the h4’s

As has been suggested to you before on this forum, you need to invest some time learning these basics. You have been using Blocs for nearly 4 and a half years. (Based on how long you have been on the forum). If you don’t spend the time, people will not spend the time replying to help you.

All the best.


I know that much, but I’m asking because I can’t clear it to zero even if I create a “custom class” in h4 and set “margin and padding” to zero

My last help.

You are setting the padding on the list itself not the text. That’s why.

Read what I wrote above, because you didn’t follow.

You just need to ad h4 to the class editor. Don’t add anything to the canvas.


I understand what “1.5rem margin-bottom” means, thank you.

Shouldn’t the font size in “project settings” be used now?

I still think something is wrong, both h4 have 2px padding, nothing else is set, the top is the bloc I made with v4, the bottom is the bloc I made just now.
no spacing between the two.

You really can’t tell anything from photographs. All you see is what you see. No clues as to what’s going on with your construction.
I think this is one of a few reason’s you’re not getting many replies - you’re just showing pictures to everyone.

Here’s what I’m pointing out, looks like it’s worth updating to 5.05b2.

There you go - you’ve answered yourself with a bit of research! :grinning:
Pleased you have it sorted

?, I don’t understand the meaning, it wasn’t my error.

I say it again.
Without seeing how you have constructed the offending items, no one can tell what’s happening.
These conversations can go in forever more without further information.
A live site is always better for people who are a lot more help than me to ‘de construct’ and work out what’s happening.

v5.05b3, finally display the current value of spacing, now you can compare and set.

Wow, now I can see the “X” mark!! 5.05 happy
I’m very happy with this display that I’ve become the same as everyone else


Also, custom classes can now be undoed properly.