Nav bar alignment issue

I’m having an issue with a nav bar. I’m dropping it in from the library and it looks as follows

but in preview the nav bar is aligned to the left

in Firefox I’ve had a look at the code and found this

changing the float to right in Firefox places the bar in the “right” place. I’ve gone back into Blocs and created a .navbar-nav class, changed the float to right and applied it without success.

Any suggestions as to why this has happened in the first place and what I can do to sort it in my project?

It’s an HTML widget issue. I’ve got a timeline and the code is causing a corruption. Now if I could only solve that…

Hi Simeon,

I have got your email and looking at this at the moment. I guess you have already figured out the problem (which appears to be the 3rd party code you have placed into your website using HTML bric?)

It’s difficult for me to assist you in any way without the link to the actual website or the project files for this site. What kind of code did you place inside the HTML widget bric?

You can answer here or by email. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

With best regards,

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Thanks @Eldar, will respond via email. It was definitely the code.