Nav links no longer scroll to target

After adding a sub-class to my nav class (in order to style the ul li text), my one-page navigation no longer scrolled to the target on the page. Instead, I got this warning:

Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Warm Regards, - Randy

Hello, did you try to preview your project in a browser instead of Preview mode?

Hello Eldar, Yes, I tried both. I have just figured out a solution. When I added the subclass, it disconnected the “scroll to target” setting for the links. I deleted the subclass and instead, chose to style the links text via the main class rather than the sub class. Thank you for your reply. I am a huge fan of this amazing software. I graduated from IT Software Development course a year ago and have since rebranded my company ( and have been working very hard to land website design jobs. I’ve got 4 sites going right now and really want to use Blocs if I can work through the few issues I encounter. Your support team has been helpful. It’s refreshing to find a good (amazing actually) product, at a good (great price actually), along with good support and an active, engaged community of fellow users. Keep up the good work and thank you for creating Blocs! Warm Regards, - Randy

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One more thing. Do you encourage Blocs users to write in with suggestions for future updates? I haven’t followed too many of the forums as yet because I just started working with Blocs recently. I am just curious to know if you welcome that sort of feedback. Things like: the ability to add icon sets, or our own custom icons, etc. etc…

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Yes, @Norm has created an amazing tool for people like us. :slight_smile: And you are right, Blocs community is the best!


Eldar, is Norm the creator of Blocs? I thought you were?

Haha no, I just like to help Blocs users. @Norm is the magician behind this great tool! :slight_smile: