Nav Menu links

Just downloaded Blocs 3 this morning and I’m playing around a bit. In playing around with navigation links, I’ve assigned a custom class to the a tags and am trying to apply text settings like size, font style, color, boldness, hover affects, etc. Some work, some don’t. As you can see by the attached screenshots, the font and size aren’t working. Is there a custom class/subclass that I should be using instead of assigning my own to the a tags?

“normal” settings:

“normal” results…

“hover” settings:

“hover” results…

UPDATE: I figured it out. I had opened an existing project, and there was what I call a “hidden” class (doesn’t show up in the class box in the inspector panel) which was affecting the nav a elements. I deleted that and the new class I assigned in Blocs 3 worked great!

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