NavBar Z Index Settings

Would someone explain how the z-index works when it comes to Sticky Nav Bar, please?
An example would be if I want to Nav Bar to always move to the top of the global area.
What should the z-index be? What code would I have to add to Blocs 3?

Thanks in advance :smile:

Not sure I understand the issue. If you set a nav bar to sticky, it will alway stick to the top of the page. The z-index only dictates the stacking order of the element (the higher the number, the higher in the stack - in the case of a sticky nav bar, it will be set at the topmost level (usually 10000). There should be no need to change the z-index unless your page content is scrolling OVER the nav bar instead of behind it. If you can explain the issue youโ€™re trying to solve, we may be able to provide a more helpful answer.

Thanks @hendon52 for helping me to understand this.