Navi Link that opens dropdown AND links to a page

I need a tip here: I have been trying to figure out how to do this within the Blocs software but haven’t found a solution.

Take a look at this site:
If you mouse over the menu item labelled “PROGRAMME” you will see that the menu opens on mouse over. This is the first thing that seems to be missing from Blocs: being able to open a drop down with a mouse over.

Also, in the example above, the user can click on the item “PROGRAMME” and open a landing page. On this page are all the sub-items listed on one page.

Does anybody know if we can do something like this in Blocs? I did find a video that works for a normal navi:

Did you see this tutorial

from @Jakerlund

This is basically megamenu. You can add content manually. Add code widget but it takes to much time to recreate such menu. There is still no option to have more level fro dropdowns. Just one drop per nav link. But not deeper level.

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Yes I did and already posted it to another thread for someone else. Great work! Thanks!