Navigate to Bloc from primary menu

Hi, the title, I think, says it all.
I’m working on a simple one page site with 4 Blocs I’d like as anchor targets from the Primary menu.
The only way I can see to do this is by manually typing in the target in the primary menu link box (domain/page#BlocID), however, you can’t preview locally, it has to be uploaded to check it’s working correctly, which is a bit of a pain.
I’m sure I’m missing something here, as it’s such a basic thing.
The way I’ve done it previously was to just have text boxes and do them from the inspector dropdown, so any hints and tips much appreciated.

Hi Trevor,

Why don’t you use the Scroll to target interaction? Just set the source of menu to ‘None’, manually select each link in your navigation, and then just select the bloc you want to scroll to from dropdown.



Perfect, thanks Eldar. It was the ‘source of menu’ bit that fooled me, because there was no ‘interactions’ box available.
Thanks very much, appreciated.

thank you Eldar!!!

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