Navigation appearance for different devices

Hello, I’ve set up my page and want to have following:

  • the navigation / header is set on white background
  • for desktop I want to have the written menu-points (normal, just usual and “old style”
  • for Tablet and Mobile-Phone I want to have a hamburger with sidebar; when open sidebar the text (menu-points are white on black/dark background).

I can’t reach to get as I want.

  • hamburger for Tablet and Mobile-Phone work as explained above
  • but it takes the same also for Desktop and if i choice white text for tablet and mobile, then I can’t see the text/navigation on Desktop-version

How can I get my navigation as explained above?

Many thanks


if I understood it correctly you use the sidebar for mobile and want a different text color for this navigation.

Then add the class sidebar-nav li a using the class manager in BlocsApp (In the right sidebar at the bottom left)