Navigation Bloc with Columns


Hi All & @Norm

I need some help, I am trying to get a global navigation similar to how the blocs website is (bar across the top with links), however none of the templates allow me to do so, whenever I add a different structure into the global navigation area I lose the ability to make it sticky, I also am only able to have the ‘hamburger’ type menu, and whenever I delete that to try and input text links instead it is not possible…any ideas on how to achieve this??

Also is it possible to get the navigation transparent, I can’t for the life of me figure this out.



Only nav Blocs cs have the option to be sticky. The black cs website uses a basic nav bar with the navigation data feed set to none. Transparent sticky nav is not possible with the Blocs UI


Legend! Thanks @Norm


Last question @Norm, is it possible to change the padding of a hero bloc, but keep the navigation data? I want a hero bloc, but I don’t want it full Screen, was hoping for XL or XXL.


Hello, yes.

Just add a custom class to hero (full screen navigation) page and text the maximum height to what you want. (something like 600~800px).



Thanks @Eldar

When I add a custom class to the hero block it still forces the height to be full screen, even though I set a maximum…no matter what when I adjust the browser, the height stays full screen, any ideas how to fix?



Are you sure you are adding the class to the whole bloc, and not just some bric in this bloc? I just checked it again, and it works for me. Click anywhere on hero image to select bloc, then add custom class and set the max height to 600px. Then preview in the browser and it should work.


Yes that worked!!! Thank you!!