Navigation from blocs 2 to 3 messed up

Anyone else having problems with importing menu from blocs 2 when i imported project menu was messed up etc anyone have any ideas how to get back to how was before ?

is it just a matter of setting up all the custom classes all over again ?

Thank you


The migration process sometimes works really well and other times requires some adjustment, but it’s improving rapidly. Most of the problems I’ve seen personally relate to the navigation menu or hero blocs and I think it would generally require a bit of reworking to look correct. Remember you’ve jumped from Bootstrap 3 to version 4 and there is an additional breakpoint now, so there is a lot to translate.

It goes without saying you should always keep backups and in some instances it may not even be worth migrating to Blocs 3 if you don’t envisage making a lot of changes in future.